Wednesday, 28 December 2011

FEATURE: Fave Five Albums Of 2011: Tasha from Demain Magazine

Tasha Lovecity is Editor in Chief at Demain Magazine and well, she knows her music. Check out her list for the proof and don't forget to check out the superb Demain too.

New Look - New Look
I’ve been waiting for a record from these guys for a long time. Something really endearing about the sparse beats and Sarah Ruba’s voice really reminds me of loads pop stars I loved as a kid in the 80s. ‘The Ballad’ is so beautiful I could almost cry.

The Strokes - Angles

The Stokes were largely panned for this record, as people felt they were not trying anything new. I remember when I was very young, I found it harder to take when my favourite band had a ‘new sound’ on every new record they put out and found it hard to adjust. It’s hard to deny the jovial and uplifting chorus of ‘so long, my friend’ on ‘Caffeinated Consciousness’ and the band’s signature droll lyrics on ‘Taken for a Fool’. This was an album for fans of The Strokes, and I love the fact it didn’t break any boundaries.

TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light
There is little this band can do wrong. My stand out track on this has to be ‘Will Do’, it’s like a gloriously haunting words of advice.

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost
A very emotional record full of different shades.. from the wonderfully chipper ‘Honey Bunny’ which kind of makes you want to run through the nearest field with all of your friends to play Frisbee to the Love is Like a River which could almost be a doo-wop song from the 60s. However, the song which fascinates me the most is ‘Vomit’; though it’s the most sparse track on the album, it’s probably the most enigmatic.

Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours
Up till now, Nathan Willett’s voice was always quote weathered and blues-y, which is great but on this record it’s quite smooth and poppy. The guitars and arrangement on the single ‘Finally Begin’ remind me of The Smiths, which I always find a good thing. A really uplifting album.

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