Wednesday, 30 November 2011

FEATURE: Fave Five Albums Of 2011: Simon from People Get Real

Simon is one half of Production DJ duo People Get Real. They've been tearing up dancefloors for a few years now and are renowned for their individuality and superb musical taste, silky DJ'ing skills and never allowing themselves to be pinned down to a particular sound or pigeon-holed.

Their philosophy is that a club night or mix shouldn't be at the same level or tempo all the way through, instead it should be a mixture of all things good and proper. This gives the lads the uncanny ability to bring their mixture of house, techno and disco to any floor and rock it.

Check out their latest remix of Shields 'White Knuckle Tight Grip' for the proof! Simon has selected his top 5 albums for you below.

Shields - White Knuckle Tight Grip (People Get Real Remix) by People Get Real

Dillon - This Silence Kills

A beautiful and haunting album that really made us stop for a second and listen. Not what we'd expect from Bpitch Control but to be honest I really like how supposed 'dance' or 'electronic' labels are really pushing the envelope on artist albums. Read the Vainzine review HERE.

Kreidler - Tank (Bureau B)

New German kids doing old school kraut-rock. It shouldn't work but it totally does.

John Tejada - Parabolas (Kompakt)

Drift away to the sounds of John Tejada, Kompakt as a label is up there as one of our favourites. A John Tejada album on Kompakt is a match made in heaven and does not disappoint. Floaty and melodic is all the right places.

Deadbeat - Drawn & Quartered (BLKRTZ)

Amazing dub-techno album that featured heavily on hazy days in the sun whilst in Croatia this year.

Kate Wax - Dust Collison

Weird and sparse sounds coming out of James Holden's Border Community imprint. A great example of new school nu-wave (if that's even a genre).

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