Saturday, 12 November 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Dillon This Silence Kills' out 14 November on Bpitch Control

Comparisons (Bjork, Camille etc etc etc) aside. Dillon has hit the nail on the head with this delightfully different debut album. What's not to like? It's covered with her astounding voice for starters and the production also happens to be top notch. It has a wintry vibe going on in the best way, no more so than 'You Are My Winter'. I defy you not to have your heart melted when she cries 'Alexander'. This is the stand out song on what is a pleasant listening experience.

However I don't think Dillon has reached her peak just yet. I think she has more in the tank and am already eagerly awaiting her next studio album to see just what she has got in store for us in the future.




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