Sunday, 15 September 2013

Metric 'Help I'm Alive' 2008

Just watched the movie Defendor (2009) starring Woody Harrelson & Kat Dennings and this awesome Metric track plays over the end credits.

Monday, 19 August 2013

DJ MIX: Fred Falke mix for Dancing Astronaut

Fred Falke drops an oldskool classic house mix featuring some of the biggest names from House music. It is worth a listen, or five!

1. Tangerine Dream & Fred Falke - Dancin'
2. Daft Punk - Give Life Back to Music (Fred Falke rework)
3. Fred Falke - Aurora (Original Mix)
4. Pete Heller - Big Love
5. Patterns - Sunny Days (Fred Falke Remix)
6. DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud (Original Mix)
7. The Ones - Flawless
8. Tori Amos – Professional Widow (Just Da Funk Dub)
9. Butch - No Worries (Original Mix)
10. I:Cube - Disco Cubism (Daft Punk Remix)
11. Phuture - Acid Tracks
12. Kanye West - On Sight
13. Daft Punk - The Son of Flynn (Original Mix)
14. Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me (Original Mix)
15. Lenny Kravitz - Superlove (Fred Falke Extended Vocal Mix)
16. The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo (Original Mix)
17. Squarepusher – Tommib
18. Theophilus London - Love Is Real (Fred Falke Remix)

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

NEW: Kavinsky 'Odd Look' Video

The new video for 'Odd Look' by Kavinsky just got released yesterday and it is immense, go check it out now if you liked Drive, you like Ferraris or anything from the 80's you won't be disappointed! You can get Kavinsky's new EP "Odd Look" including the single 'Odd Look ft. The Weeknd' , on iTunes :

Monday, 29 July 2013

NEW: Mitch Murder – The Touch (LIFELIKE Remix)

First off check out the awesome cover art by @Junkboy for the new Mitch Murder track, and second of all the LIFELIKE remix is off the chain, and it's available to dl right now for free. The 4 track EP is available now too so go check it out.

FEATURE: Reinventing Music Education For The Future

Taking a revisionist attitude towards the future of music education is vital for making these programs more accessible and more beneficial to students. A recent online discussion has prompted instructors, parents and leaders of various music-oriented organizations to devise plans for enhancing access to music education and the way in which this subject is introduced and taught overall. In light of widespread funding cuts, the overall consensus is that there is a far greater need to support future leaders and to prioritize this area of learning.

Many feel that music lessons should not be elitist or reserved for only select groups of students, but should instead remain available to children of all learning and income levels. This accessibility should exist even for kids who are not able to manage well in general academic subjects, given the ability of music programs to enhance and enrich student learning experiences in a broad range of areas. The benefits of this type of learning remain consistent even when kids do not excel musically. Early exposure to these skills and to music theory overall can promote self-expression, determination, confidence and creativity among other things. Bearing these facts in mind, learning institutions, administrators and professionals within the music industry must make a concerted effort to reinvent the structure and the standards of music education for the 21st century.

Why Music Education Is Such A Vital Part Of Early Learning

Signing a child up for guitar lessons will not just expose this youngster to music theory or simply foster basic music skills. Recent studies have shown that learning music helps children to excel in other areas. The need to use sight, sound and a range of small muscles fosters coordination, the development of fine motor skills and greater levels of engagement. Music studies are believed to be one of the most effective forms of stimulation, especially during the formative years of life. In fact, studies have shown that music lessons can even promote language development. This is evidenced in the way that it affects the human brain. This type of learning fosters greater physical development of the left brain, which is directly connected to the processing of language. In this way, early exposure to music can actually lead to greater levels of language and social competence.

Sophia Hammond

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