Monday, 21 November 2011

FEATURE: Fave Five Albums Of 2011: Becki B from

Next up is Becki B. She's the Editor and Founder of the superb Over to you Becki.

My favourite albums of 2011. It seems a little unfair to choose just 5. How am I supposed to do that? It's impossible....! IMPOSSIBLE. For many reasons.. a) I haven't yet listened to every band that have released an album in 2011 (yet) b) 2011 has not finished yet.. what if a band releases an epic album on Dec 31st???? c) I like different music for many different reasons. I listen to Ben Howard when I feel melancholy, Friends Electric to bring me back up and Foster the People tune into my addictive side. These are just some albums I like:

Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

Is he really only 22? I think he's too young for me. Damn. Still inciteful, thoughtful, melancholy.

Foster the People - Torches

This album is addictive!

Jessica 6 - See the Light

Little Dragon: Ritual Union

Example - playing in the shadows

Others that almost made it, but didn't:

Neon Indian - Era Extrana

Friends Electric - PUZZLE PIECES

Check out the previous Fave Five Albums Of 2011:

1. Simon From Sonic Emporium

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