Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Fred Falke 'PART IV' out 5 December on Work It Baby

Surely one of the biggest travesties in house music was the lack of an album by Fred Falke. This heinous act will soon be put to bed and the balance of all things house rightfully redressed when one of the kings of French house music, Fred Falke releases his debut album.

11 years have passed sine Falke and Braxe released the game changing classic
'Intro' and in the past decade I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for FF to finally drop an album. Thankfully we've hardly been starved of FF material with a flurry of remixes and some dope reworks of Florrie and imo most notably that Whitest Boy Alive Rework and recently there has been plenty to keep us in the groove but you know it's nice to have an album on record and this is not just a best of either.

Yes there are a few tracks we've already heard like '808pm at the Beach' and the stupendous 'Last Wave' but hey if it ain't broke don't fix it right? That seems to be FF's mantra here and you know what it still Falke-ing works too.
The newness is just as tight. If you are looking for fresh meat, head for 'Bare Knuckle', Aurora' and 'Memories'. This album has been well thought out and well programmed. It flows well, the groove is constant and it's a dance music fans wet dream come true. Fred Falke is Back To Stay, again.




Fred Falke - 808pm At The Beach by Fred Falke

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