Sunday, 25 December 2011

FEATURE: Fave Five Albums Of 2011: Eriin Dhesi from Vainzine

Merry Christmas peeps, tweeps, fb's, bloggers and net heads! Eriin is the newest member of team vainzine. She's done a few things already but this is her formal introduction, not that we're very formal 'round here but you get the picture. In here own words she's A 17 year old from Warwickshire, stuck in a woeful sixth form, surviving the middle class suburban landscape by attending gigs, listening to music, reading obscure things and watching Newsnight. All conglomerating in lots and lots of writing with almost there journalistic flair. Here's her top 5 for 2011.

Anna Calvi - Anna Calvi

The most booming and captivating voice I've heard in a while. 'Jezebel', even though it's a cover, gives me goosebumps. She's like 2011's little Siouxsie Sioux.

Metronomy - The English Riviera

Pretty much nothing like their last indie nu rave stuff, which if regurgitated again in 2011 would've left them in that forgotten ditch of the Klaxons. (No matter how much the NME are bloody touting them). It's chilled out and quietly pretty. 'She Wants' is a god damn fave.

The Kills - Blood Pressures

Tbh, I wasn't sure how they would top their previous album cos I loved it so much. But even with the duo veering off with models and Jack White's side project (you can a bit off Mosshart's Dead weather-ness in there) but as a whole, the album still has the trademark sleaze and swagger just more refined.

Girls - father, son, holy ghost

It annoyed me when critics dumped them with Beach House and Waves on their debut album, when their work had tons more depth. This album takes a couple of listens to get into to realise how consistently strong it is. 'Vomit' is the most striking.

Nicola Roberts - Cinderellas eyes
*cheesy name barf* - even though it sounds like a poor man's early M.I.A that would be on repeat in New Look, she's the only girls aloud member to do a solo album that doesn't sound completely like a soulless profile booster i.e she's not twattin' around with 'messy fucking raindrops' like Cheryl the mofo Cole.

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