Friday, 16 December 2011

FEATURE: Fave Five Albums Of 2011: Michelle from Audible Treats

Michelle McDevitt is the president of Audible Treats, a boutique entertainment marketing and publicity company located in Brooklyn. Before Audible Treats, Michelle spun records as a college DJ at UC Santa Cruz for 3 years so she really, really knows her stuff. Here are her thoughts on her top 5 for 2011;

Rustie - Glass Swords
I just got turned onto him by friends. He draws from so many influences to create a kaleidoscope of cinematic, synthy, dancey tunes.

The Naked and the Famous - Passive Me Aggressive You
"Young Blood" was the bait. That song might be my most listened to song this year. On constant repeat.

The Roots - undun
Solid album from one of the most consistently solid groups in hip hop. they're humble, hardworking, don't care about the hype machine, and make great music; they're heroes.

Pac Div - The Div
Love the breadth of material here. From heartfelt love jawns to fuck-you-pay-me anthems to party starters, to thanking supporters, to flossy big bassed anthems about picking up girls, the album covers it all. All over superb production.

Adele - 21
What more can be said about this album that hasn't already been said?

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