Monday, 28 February 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Chali 2NA 'Fish Market Part 2' out now on Decon

In case you didn't know Chali 2NA was one of the members of legendary hip hop group Jurassic 5, who broke up back in 2007. If you still miss the J5 then you can get a slice of 2Na's unmistakable voice on his latest Fish market series instalment.

What to say about this? I mean it's simply a must have Hip hop classic ALREADY! Forget future classic this was a classic the day 2Na thought of it never mind actually recording it. There is little one can say about a record this good. There are no faults or cracks, there is nothing to criticise; it's quite simply perfection.

There are plenty of colabs as you would expect and they produce some of the stand-out tracks here like 'FM2 Theme' which comes early at second on the track-listing and then it's a head-nodding, booty-shaking trip all the way through to the politically charged climax 'Save The People'. '4 The Luv' comes kicking in strong near the end too with a stonking bassline and tight samples and lyrical execution. This shit is real and it's already in my top ten albums of the year so make sure you don't miss this one.



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