Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Open Space And Stars 'Pop Prophecy' available now

If I was responsible for the programming of this album I would have done it a little differently because my initial impressions were not good. I started to listen to the opening track 'Welcome To The Zeros' and although my interests was aroused I found little to really excite with the spaced out vibe I was getting.

My opinion was immediately shattered by the second song 'Chad's Love Satellite'. It is extremely well constructed exuding the pop prowess promised by the title whilst remaining very firmly on the side of cool not cheese. OSS are very obviously and positively influenced by lots of genres and styles but the 60's and 70's indie folk vibe really shines through especially on this track.

Then there was a glut as I was hit by three less interesting songs that although again very well produced did not excite. Then almost as if a sublime awakening had been thrust upon me I was hit by the nouveau pop song of 'Radio Girl'. If the Beach Boys had started out today they may have produced something that sounds like this.

Another stand out track for me was the percussive dance orientated, almost Gotan Project / Thievery corporation inspired sound of 'The Last Secret' that was then followed by the equally as inventive 'Tarot Divine'.

Sure it's a given that this will certainly not be everyone's cup of chi and rightly so. Don't be fooled by the pop credentials we ain't talking mainstream R&B folks, this is karmic pop, heavily researched that gives a huge nod to the best of the late 20th century whilst managing to remain spiritually original in it's uniqueness. If you like bands like Phoenix, Telepopmusik and Air then give OSS a try; I think you will be as delighted as I was.

The album is available to buy now on I-Tunes and can be streamed from Deezer


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