Monday, 23 January 2012

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A Kitsune Parisien II (2) out February 13 on Kitsune

Yes yes yes, another Kitsune compilation comes along and everyone's panties drop and the orgasms are heard all over the world about just how great they are. 'More more more' we cry, 'Oh yes baby give it to me again'. Useful? Well that's not for me to decide for you right now. Is this compilation enough to get you hard / wet - both? Maybe not quite but it might get you laid if you subtly press play with the right girl or guy or both in the room.

I tested this theory out and it almost worked, at least it might have if my cat hadn't decided to vomit up my missing earplugs all over the parquet. Have not got that stain out. Thanks for that.

The compilation starts with the sexy 'So Long My Love' by tomorrows world. This is a smart contemporary track that oozes sex and is great fucking material. The new Juveniles track follows. Its not as good as 'We Are Young' - whatever, never could be. Make out background noise it certainly is. More of the same with some sultry female vocals on Free by 'Owlle' follows. She has a vivacious voice that excites me.

I didn't enjoy every track on this. About the Girls effort 'Tiger Evolution' was tame, thankfully it was followed by the awesome 'Angelina' by Nameless.

Look, this is 90% throwaway electro indie pop but who cares? If you want now music then go get it. Theres bound to be some new bands on here you haven't heard of and it's good to keep up with what's hot, or going to be in the next few months. Kitsune are good at that and always have been.



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