Saturday, 21 May 2011

VIDEO: My Head Radio + DNA + Suzanne Vega 'Tom's Diner'

I was sent this promo CD,
of the My Head Radio album,
and I didn't really like it 'cause it wasn't really my thing,
but then I heard something that reminded me of something from my childhood,
and that something was Toms Diner by the artist Suzanne Vega,
which they had tried to cover so I did a little research and found it was from '86 but it was an accapella,
and even so it had a video,
and it was played on MTV,
but then in 1990 it was remade by DNA,
and this is what I remebered and I think it's truly awesome,
so I'm posting all three for you,
so that you can make your mind up and tell me what you think.

1986 Original:

1990 DNA Remix:

2011 My Head Radio Cover:

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