Saturday, 21 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Ancient Astronauts 'Into Bass And Time' out now on ESL

Starts off slow and you think that they are working up to something special. The beats kick in on the second track 'Still A Soldier' and you are starting to get warm, maybe a bit of a semi or some moistness is starting to develop in the nether regions? Then as quick as a flash the track is gone and it's on to another slow starting hip hop joint featuring Azeem called 'The Shining'. Disappointed massively with that one. Sorry but I am calling this one down the middle despite my mega love of AA. I was still nodding my head but not left with a sense of euphoria, not even close. The next track was another let down in the form of 'Impossible'. Yes for me the title rang true and I was left wondering how this had made the final cut. Mediocrity at it's most 'meh'.

Then the heavenly breakbeats of 'Anti Pop Song' kicks in and makes everything alright again. Truly love this funky breakbeat track to bits. Next a couple of low key tracks before another miss hip hop track called 'Eternal Searching'. Would my search be eternal in the quest to find something truly sumptuous on this tracklist? Tune in next week to find out...

Thankfully 'Calvert Street Rock', 'Give It To You' and some awesome beats on 'Rocket Science' kept things ticking over until my stand out track, tucked in right near the end 'Bitter Hypnotic' blew me away. Great vocals, beats and strings really set this track alight in the best way.

The problem is that AA set the bar so high with the last album 'We Are To Answer'. I guess I was wondering what they would do this time and props for not just churning out a replica. They tried some experimental stuff and some of it was good but some of it didn't work for me. But great musicians always push the envelope to the max and AA have done that again. This is way way above mediocre but I am hoping for something a little less chilled next time. Some energetic joints would be just fine.


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