Saturday, 21 May 2011

LIVE REVIEW: Comedy Lectures by Red Stag @ Future Gallery, London 16 May 2011

Comedy lectures was a celebration of the world’s first (well first in my world) cherry flavoured bourbon Red Stag from Jim Beam. Ugggh I hear you stay, I also was a little tentative but it actually tastes quite nice especially with a splash of lemonade and lime. 

Anyway, enough with the shameless plugging (and if you are reading this and you are not of legal drinking age in your environ then trust me it was truly horrible) onto the entertainment which landed in the form of Powerpoint Karaoke provided by comedy improvisation troupe Noise Next Door and the supremely hilarious man-child Adam Buxton of Adam and Joe fame. What is comedy karaoke? Google it people! suffice to say it is a unique and interesting take on comedy improvisation really calling for the participants to think on their feet and present incredibly random subject matters to an equally random selection of images in a slightly competitive manner. Well worth a look if such a show comes near you.

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