Monday, 21 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: oki-ni presents BOMBURA by Swimming

Swimming are the brainchild of John Sampson, an itinerant soul who has lived in Australia, England and The Cocos Island. He began the band with his brother Peter - a former UK champion beat boxer - and another friend in Nottingham, where he still lives.

As a band, Swimming have an expansive and optimistic attitude. Their second album, Ecstatics International, mused on the innate potential within every person, while they liken their musical outlook to Pink Floyd’s:

‘In terms of our desire to achieve sonic variety and take our music and ideas to extremes’, says John, ‘we want to have the Floyd’s freedom to explore new directions, and to take the audience with us every time.’

With BOMBURA, Swimming have selected songs with an other-worldly energy. ‘A lot of these songs, whether it's one voice telling a story or a full band or a bedroom producer, feel like they're created from far offshore. We're most inspired by artists that layer up all kinds of electronic, acoustic, lost and found field recordings to create and colour the music, like painters that find exotic colours from around the world, but use them in unique styles. We tried to reflect that in this mix. We hope you enjoy.'


* Vincent Gallo Sixteen Seconds Happy
* Plant Plants Hands That Sleep
* Moscow Youth Cult PhaseIV (Mirrorzisland Remix)
* FUR Clears Throat (Solar Bears Remix)
* Terry Callier You're Gonna Miss Your Candyman
* Shigeto Unrelentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix)
* VHS Head Sunsett Everett
* Swimming Colourschool
* Rachel Korine Red Riding Hood's Hangman
* Dallas Simpson Abha (excerpt)
* Nirvana Do Re Mi
* Pilgrim Fathers 9 Hands Of The Octopus
* The Flaming Lips Kim's Watermelon Gun
* Deerhoof Believe E.S.P
* Gonjasufi Duet
* Julee Cruise Rockin' Back Inside My Head

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