Monday, 21 March 2011

DOWNLOAD: FACT mix 231: Computer Jay

California’s full of overlooked beat-makers bordering on genius, and one of the best around is Computer Jay.

As is often the case, Computer Jay spreads his talent across various projects, including studio collaborations with Steve Cooper, Dam-Funk (he’s also a part of Dam’s live band) and Sa-Ra’s Shafiq Husayn, as well as various members of the magic circle of Los Angeles’ crate-digging community.

With a vast musical range that takes in boogie, G-Funk, classic computer games and everything in between, we consider him one of music’s most underrated, and when Phonica offered us the chance to host this live recording, from last year’s party they threw with Ramp Recordings, who’ll be releasing a new Computer Jay album this year titled Switched ON, we jumped at it.

Like Blawan, there’s no tracklist for you here. Sometimes that’s how it works. You did a pretty good job at filling in the blanks that time, so go wild here.

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