Monday, 21 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Watcha Clan 'Radio Babel' out 4 April on Piranha Musik

As far as music styles go The Watcha Clan’s album Radio Babel can definitely be ranked amongst one of the most eclectic I’ve listed too. The Marseille based trio’s soulful funky ensemble of songs such as With or Without The Wall and We are one combined with the more dancey uplifting numbers such as 'Hasnaduro', songs going deep into their Jewish and Algerian heritages like 'Im Nin’alua' and a slamming drum and bass number like Fever is Rising. 

The beauty of this album is that despite the combination of all these different musical flavours this actually works incredibly well and it all makes complete sense when you listen to it. I felt I got a true feeling of the roots, attitude and various messages political or not that Watch Clan are trying to purvey through their music. I highly recommend this it is world music in its newest, truest and rawest form to feed a new generation.


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