Sunday, 20 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Werkshau' out now on BPitch Control

A little stock take of the last 12 years of this well respected label throws up a few gems that you may have missed or never had the fortune to hear at all yet. Take 'Aiming For Destruction' by Dillon and Coma. A great little track with a super vocal which is immensely danceable without being massively in your face. A little reminiscent of the classic 'Bushes' by Marcus Nikolai but with a less quirky and more Bjork-esque sounding vocal. It's gems like this that you don't always get rounds to picking up unless you are really dedicated and Werkshau is full of them. There is some great new stuff on here too. I really dig the folky tech-house sounds of Paul Kalkbrenners new track 'Platscher'.

Certainly it's not for everyone and the chances are you wont like every track but then that what pushing the envelope is all about and this label has been doing that for over a decade, so successfully that you've got to tip your hat to them just for managing to exist in this climate without producing commercial crap like some once well known underground labels that shall remain nameless ended up resorting to.


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