Sunday, 20 March 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Steffi 'Yours & Mine' out now on Ostgut Ton

This is one for the deep house heads. Steffi opens up her creative heart from the get go with a stunning example of deep house entitled 'Lilo'. There is an ethereal warmness to her synths (think Demarkus Lewis) that exude love, life and most importantly a danceable 'oneness' that makes you want more more more. This track was 7 minutes long but I could have listened to it for at least 30 mins. Steffi manages to completely transport the listener into her musical world. It's a world that I would like to visit time and time again.

She really has got it locked down to perfection. Next track 'Piem' is completely different yet generates the exact same feelings. This process is repeated in multitudes throughout the album and for those of you connoisseurs of house and deep house reading this make sure you add some of sounds to your playlists pronto.


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