Wednesday, 9 February 2011

REPOST: ALBUM REVIEW: Republic Of Loose ' AAAGH!' out now on Loaded Dice Records

Just found a nice little source of all our previous cached stuff from the first version of Vainzine. As you may know we already posted some of the later stuff that we were able to salvage but not all of the earlier articles were cached. So over the next few days / weeks / months - who knows, there will be some REPOST titles that are basically just the original articles being republished. We'll only REPOST music reviews that we still think are relevant or that you simply should not have missed out on.

Originally posted on Dec-3-07 10:13pm:

I got this album a few weeks ago and I didn't listen to it. I admit it, it got lost in a huge pile of Cd's that I just found - there's more of them to tell you about later.

Well I was blown away when I put this on the stereo tonight. 'Aaagh' is everything and nothing at the same time. There's elements of Cody Chesnut, Shakira, Prince, The Scissor Sisters, Santana, Andre 3000 and Timbaland all in play here.

I wish I had picked this up earlier, it completely lifted my winter blues with the warm summer party vibes On 'Comeback Girl' and the Latin twinged 'Break' followed by the old skool R&B soul hip hop melodious pop number 'All Mine' - the diamonds just did not stop falling from the sky m'Lucy.



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