Wednesday, 9 February 2011

REPOST: ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Secret Love 4' compiled by Alex Dallas and Jazzanova out now on Sonar Kollektiv

 Originally posted on Dec-4-07 11:03pm:

Following on from the findings of the forgotten cd pile as revealed on Monday with the fantastic Republic Of Loose album comes the not quite as good but still more than worthy of a mention 'Secret Love 4' compiled as ever by Jazzanova, joined this time by Alex Dallas.

I played this to my other half who is a Jazz connoisseur and she immediately said after, oh about two minutes of listening to the awesome 'Atlantic' by Roebeck "I love this cd, who is it by?" To which I replied "It's Secret Love 4, love." This delighted her as she is a big fan of the series. Her delight soon turned to raptures of rage and fury when I explained that the said cd had been misplaced and had lain dormant in a pile of albums for well over a month.

I was able to calm her down almost instantaneously by simply skipping the cd to the next delightfully chilled songs 'Africa Displaced' by A Race of Angels and 'Losing the will to Survive' by Findlay Brown. You see, if you haven't already guessed it, this is a compendium of cleverly selected songs to listen to on a Sunday, meditating or working on your mantra. It's fantastic boho nu-folk and soul (a bit like Speeka) for those who like to live life in the slow lane, well at least once in while.



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