Tuesday, 8 February 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Kitsuné Parisien' out 21 February on Kitsuné

Harmless synth pop and electro dance with a light smattering of Parisien panache and a dash of that bad Paris attitude make this compilation, the latest from music / fashion label Kitsuné a real stand out winner. 

There are some excellent New New Wave tracks on here, none better than the strange and alluring voice of Exotica's lead singer on 'Désorbitée' which is a massive hark back to the 80's of Patrick Nagel in my book and possibly a reference to the classic Vanessa Paradis track 'Joe Le Taxi'? If you have never seen the video to that particular gem (and if you're not from France then there is a massive chance you haven't - I was informed about this by my girlfriend) - it's worth checking out the music video below as it has to be seen to believed. Some fucked up shit came out of the 80's and this has to be up there with the most fucked - not gonna spill if for you though so watch and enjoy. Anyway I digress but if you listen to the two songs below you might come to the same conclusion. I prefer Exotica though because the vocals, Seinfeld bass guitar and synths are out of this world and it all comes together just right so it's our song of the moment right now.

That's not to say there are not some other good songs on this compilation. Check out Birkii 'Shade Of Doubt' and Sake by 'Jupiter' for some more electro pop gone right. BeatauCue toughen things up nicely with a joint called 'Behold' and there is an awesome slo-disco track from Housse De Racket 'Château' remixed by Golden Bug. Click Here for a free sample minimix.



  1. Joe le Taxi! I love that song! Thanks for reminding me of it!

  2. Whatever floats your boat dude :-)

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