Tuesday, 22 February 2011

DOWNLOAD: V/A 'oki-ni presents RESONANCE by Guido' Mix

Hailing from the spiritual home of dubstep and signed to Punch Drunk - the UK's foremost dubstep label - you might think Bristol’s Guido would be typecast. Yet here, with his languid and jazz-infused mix, RESONANCE, Guido proves that there is more to dubstep than meets the eye. Real name Guy Middleton, Guido is a trained jazz and classical pianist who cites the soundtracks of epic fantasy computer games like Final Fantasy as one of his main influences.


* Guido Vessel
* Guido vs The Scientist Korg Back
* Shadz Summer Rain
* The Wall Street Bangers u-neeq
* Mensah Digital Dreamer
* Vandera Move On
* Franck Roger Solo Man
* Rob Smith The Quiet Room
* Sountrack Okuribito Kaisan
* Guido & Siesta Late Night
* Delorean Stay Close (Guido Remix)
* Skream ft. Freckles How Real
* Guido Dance
* Guido Ski Ridder
* Janelle Monae Metropolis
* Max.bab From Gagarin's Point Of View

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