Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: We review 'The Wine Guys'

We were asked to review The Wine Guys website. Never one to turn down a free glass or, in this case bottle, of Vino we decided to say yes and took the site for a spin. We were given a £10 voucher code and told we could order anything up to the value (including postage) for free, so we did.

The voucher code was used to order a bottle of Sabina Rosado - Garnacha (rose) at £5.67 from The Wine Guys website. Postage was shown as £3.99 on all orders regardless of size between one bottle and one case, so it pays to order big and ave on postage.

The website was easy to navigate and as you would expect it provided a summary of each wine on offer to make your selection. Registering on the site was also straight forward and immediate confirmation e-mails were received to confirm registration and that the order had been placed.

Before placing the order we tried to see if there was a minimum number of bottles to be purchased but could find no specific information on the site. Our fears that we would select one bottle, place it in the cart and when got to the checkout it would be rejected as too minimum an order. This did not happen and we were able to order one bottle.

We received an e-mail telling us that the order had been despatched. On the same day we received a call from Mark at The Wine Guys telling us that the bottle ordered was out of stock. He was very apologetic and offered to send an alternative plus another free bottle - bonus :-)

The order arrived by courier the next day. It was well packaged and no damage had been incurred.

The replacement bottle was also a rose as requested: Vina Arazu Rosado 2008 - Spain. The bottle did not disappoint and had an initial aroma of a hint of strawberry but tasted more of berries and blackcurrants with a dry taste to the palate.

The website design, choice of wine and level of service we received from The Wine Guys was excellent!


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