Friday, 14 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Frivolous 'Meteorolgy' out 21 February on Cadenza

I'm new to Frivolous but I know he has been around a while. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with his new album. Not only is it visually stunning to look at the packaging but is astounding audibly too. Astounding but not a 'classic'. It's very underground and in some parts the tracks seem a little repetitious. We are not talking 'filler' here but this does get extremely minimal, lets not say boring because that would be unfair but a little bland perhaps. Yes, I know that the point of dance music is in some part to create repetition but there is a way to do it and not lose the attention span of the listener completely.

Frivolous does know how to do this but for me there were some moments when I simply zoned out a little bit. This in itself is no bad thing. I enjoy music that can alter my state of mind and consciousness and therefore take me on the 'journey' that so many promise but so few deliver. Frivolous does this in spectacular fashion. Just don't buy this album if you are expecting bucket loads of variety because you ain't gonna get it hombre.

The standout tracks for me are the opener 'One Fine Solstice' and the penultimate 'Serenade Des Excentriques'. I just love what he does with the vocal on that, it's a near perfect club track with an upbeat positive bassline juxtaposed with and incredibly melancholic distorted vocal that just creates a wonderful felling in the listener, at least it did in this one.



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