Friday, 14 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: We Love 'We Love' out now on BPitch Control

Firstly massive apologies to those of you who manage to remain on the ball. This one came out a few months back in September so it's a bit of 'so what heard it already got it ALREADY of course' moment. If that's the case kudos to you, you obviously know your shiz!

Sometimes things pass us by and we can't believe it and we wonder just what we were thinking and how come we never heard such a sublime electronic music masterpiece. 'Whoa there there me laddie' I hear you cry - musical masterpiece? I shit you not my friends. This has pretty much got it all in terms of downbeat and breakbeat wizardry. Combine this with a tinge of Balearic vibes and the delightful vocals of not quite Bjork-esque of one of the female vocalist (not sure what her name is but she appears on numerous tracks including 'Even If' and you have the ultimate winning formula.

Those of you who like a bit of MJ Cole won't be disappointed with the hauntingly beautiful feelings and beats created on 'Underwater'. Another strong vocal performance from a different female this time I think. 'Our Shapes' and 'Escape Destination' bring a slightly more mainstream (think Mylo) dance feel to the album but detracts nothing from this spectacular debut. Can't wait for the next instalment you mysterious Italians, you!



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