Friday, 14 January 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Gaudi 'No Prisoners' out now on Six Degrees

There are some truly shocking moments on this album - real cringe-a-thons but not enough to make you press eject. It's done for comedy effect I reckon like the terrible Bagpipes on Hotel Caledonia' and the start of the next track called Strictly Goodness' which has a terrible church bell then organ sample overlayed, nasty stuff, especially when the vocal kicks in but then a superb breakbeat follows through and makes everything all right again.

Moments of breakbeat genius appear here and there on tracks like 'Serious Ting' and my favourite 'Oud Do We Think We Are' - see what I mean about the comedy element? - which has the ravetastic breakdown that really took me back. Think about that mixed in with the Oud and you have a massive 'WTF this is amazing! moment - love it.



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