Wednesday, 8 December 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Laura Lopez Castro & Don Philipe 'Optavivo' out 13 December on Nesola

It's sometimes hard to pinpoint exactly why you like something then put it into words. With Optativo I have had a difficult time trying to express myself without using the hackneyed clichés and platitudes. Do you know the Secret Love series of compilations on Sonar Kollektiv? Any one of the 10 songs on the album could feature on this compilation series. So if you have heard of Secret Love then you know what I'm talking about and you can stop reading and go get yourself a copy.

If not then please keep reading. The album is one of those immense works of beauty that one is lucky enough to come across once or twice a year if lucky. I haven't been this moved by a single album since Digitonal's 'Save Your Light For Darker Days' but this is not in the same genre as that masterpiece so there is really no comparison to be taken.

LLC's voice has a dreamlike quality (cue cliché's) that simply has to be heard to be believed. It's soft, rich, sensual, soothing, gentle, matriarchal yet not overpowering and reminds me of home and good good times without the sentimentality. This is coupled with the overwhelming warmth of Don Philipe on guitar. The duo have a chemistry that works on so many levels beyond words. This album is a feeling, a gorgeous positive feeling of wonderment, enchantments and relaxing vibes and bon temps that soothe the soul. It's a perfect accompaniment to any chill out session but beware putting it on before you want to do anything strenuous as it will sap your energy and take you back to  the couch.



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