Sunday, 25 July 2010

Join the Vainzine Fantasy Football League 2010/11 now!

For Regular readers you will already be aware that this will be the fourth Season of The Vainzine Fantasy Football League. If you have played previously than all you need to do to play again is log in to your Fantasy Football League account and you will be automatically re-entered into the main league. However if you want to enter the Head To Head League again you will have to enter the league activation code 304204-79627.

OK so for any new users who want to join the FREE Vainzine Fantasy Football League, heres a quick walk-through of how to do it.

2: Follow the registration process (takes about a minute)

3: Decide on a team name and select auto complete to select your team (you can then edit this team later on at your leisure)

4:  In the Fantasy Menu bar on the left hand side of the page click on 'leagues'. Then click on the 'Create/Join' tab. In the 'Join a private league' box Enter the code 304204-79595. Press enter. You should now see your team in the league entitled 'Vainzine Serie Morto'.

5. If you want to join the Vainzine Head to Head league (limited to first 38 people to sign up) too then repeat step 4 and enter the code: 304204-79627. You should then see your team in the league entitled VZ Mono Et Mono'

If you have any problems joining the leagues then leave a comment below and we will try and help you through it.

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