Tuesday, 20 July 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Moe Greene 'Rocky Maivia Non Title Match' out now on Interdependent Media

Moe Greene named after the hot headed Fredo bashing casino owner from the Godfather films releases his unofficial debut album Rocky Maivia Non Title Match (the Rock incidentally being one of my favourite wrestlers of all time!), so what’s cooking? The album is available for free download from Moe’s band camp web site but why you might ask? Well obviously as the man himself explains:

“Why would I make somebody pay for the new guy when they're already getting their favourite rapper's work for free?”

Fair point I suppose and one that does garner some respect. This ideology allows access to a greater audience and could work like a viral marketing campaign and would generate a buzz around the mmm-ers and arrr-ers of them music purchasing world.

So in terms of content on the whole it’s not a bad album with some excellent moments and quality production values on tracks Moe’s remix of La Roux’s Going for the Kill, Title track Non title match and the electro tinted Emerald city, sadly it fades away a little into an generic heard it all before Jay-Z but not quite as good towards the end. However there is redemption within the track What It Is with a bordering on brutal edginess apparently lacking in the previous 30 minutes or so showing I believe there is more to Moe than meets the eye.

To surmise this is a decent enough debut with tinges of genius but on the whole a lot of room for improvemet. It is free however so perhaps I’m being a little over critical but it’s all about the music at the end of the day.



  1. Not a related comment, but if the Vainzine Vampires are back on the Fantasy Football this season, you're invited to my league, 183-84 ;)

  2. Hi Isaac will defo be joining your league! Hope all is good buddy!


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