Wednesday, 28 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Younger Brother ' Last Days Of Gravity' out now on Twisted Records UK

Originally posted on 8 November 2007:Younger Brother is a two person band consisting of a man called Simon Posford and another man called Benji Vaughan. Both from West London, the pair have been friends for over a decade creating numerous trance and techno tracks together before creating the Younger Brother band in 2001.

They claim to be heavily influenced by the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, KLF, The Orb, Flaming Lips and Radiohead. All fairly boring and obvious choices as influences go, but 'Last Days Of Gravity' is anything but.

It's a melee of electronic and acoustic melodies that ooze hallucinogenic shroomy vibes in a big way. I really like 'Ribbon On A Branch', 'I Am A Freak' and 'Happy Pills'. You know I have a feeling we are going to hear at least one of the songs featured on the album on a Movie Soundtrack or TV advert in the very near future. It's simple but fun music, happy and uplifting and I love it.



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