Wednesday, 28 April 2010

MUSICAL INSPIRATIONS NO.9: Hana Hattori's Wacky Japanese Obsession!

Up and coming fashion designer Hana Hattori divulges her darkest musical secrets. She's at the front wearing the bunny ears and one of her own creations in the picture.
If you want to find out more about her clothes and where you can buy them then have a look at her website, but for now sit back and get ready for a whole new world of music that is about to open up right before your very eyes. Over to you Hana:

I work in my studio everyday either making new designs, patterns, samples or constructing a garment, which gives me all day to listen to music.

I love to sing
along when I listen and work. Out of all the music I listen to everyday, the group that's been played heavily on my ipod would be Linda Yamamoto, Pink Lady, (pictured below, check out the music video at the end of the article too!) and Rebecca.

I tend to listen to lots of Japanese group and bands from 60's, 70's and 80's. Most people would find these
music "wacky", even my mom and friends think it's weird that I love listening to those music! But the "wacky" definition goes with my personality and, the fun part of wackiness goes into my designs, and what those songs give to the listeners are somewhat like what I hope the wearers of my designs would feel in my clothes.

They are v
ery fun to listen and sing along to. And the 60's, and 70's I feel, has so much hope and joy in the unreal world that listeners create in their heads. I love the era, and the clothes they wore - what we'd call today "vintage".

Listening to this music while working on dresses always put me in a good mood, and makes me very happy, which, again is the way I want people to feel in my creations!

SEE: Pink Lady 'UFO':

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