Wednesday, 28 April 2010

EP REVIEW: Brendan Campbell 'Twilight Bird EP' out 16 June

Originally posted 29 May 2008:

25 year old Glaswegian Brendan Campbell cites Bob Dylan and Davie Graham among his influences. One thing is for sure that no matter whom he has been influenced by his sound is completely his own.

'Burgers And Murders' is a beautifully constructed work of folk art that simply secretes class from start to finish. If you like acoustic country folk then this will certainly appeal to you. It's hard to tell where exactly he comes from when you listen to his vocals, especially on 'Twilight Bird'. I couldn't tell where he was from but he certainly has his own style and he's easy to comprehend unlike many Glaswegians (just kidding, but no seriously).

So the EP is a success and is a nice blend between tradition and contemporary which should broaden his appeal even further. Another plus is Campbell's lack of self indulgence which has ruined many a fol song in the past.



Citizen Vain

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