Monday, 26 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: V/A 'Kitsune Maison 9 Compilation' out now on Kitsune

Every time the new Maison Compilation comes out I think 'Is this the one that will signal the end?' and every time I'm thankful that I can truthfully answer NO!

Kitsune have been churning these things out for what seems like forever now but in fact really isn't and not only do they keep getting better they are just as Fresh as the first one.

They finger on the pulse is not an easy thing to maintain over long periods but for the moment at least they seem to be managing just fine.

Highlights for me include the wonderful ravetastic 'Silverlink V Kicks Like A Mule Remix aka 92JUK' remix of M.I.A's XR2 - I got this on bootleg 2 years ago and it's just rising up now - and 'Short And Entertaining' by Jamaica. Oh and of course the massive 'Something Started' by Two Door Cinema Club had to make an appearance too. Check our song of the moment too by Logo called 'La Vie Moderne' it's immense, epic, electro.

Of course there is always a downside to providing the most freshest and underground music and that is that not all of it can be good. There are as always some 'misses' on here imo the first three tracks should not have made the final cut. The good outweighs the bad and if you are looking to open your mind this summer in more ways than one then this could nay should for part of your soundtrack.




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