Thursday, 22 April 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: The Glimmers 'Gee Gee Fazzi' out now on Glimmertwins

Originally Posted way back on 16 March 2008:

The Glimmers cute concept is to give away their debut album for free - yes folks that's right I said free - instead of selling it like most artists would do.

There is a catch however. The only way to get your hands on a copy is to go to one of their gigs where 'Gee Gee Fazzi' will be given out for free on the night inside the venue. So unless you are on the guest list you will be paying an entrance fee to see the guys DJ, so don't worry about ripping them off, they are still on the take!

As for the album, it's a future classic, full of fantastic deep disco tracks that the pair have become famous for producing over the years. There isn't one bad song on Gee Gee Fazzi and so many of them are outstanding that its hard for me to pick out a favourite. There is a great remake of Olivia Newton Johns classic 'Let's Get Physical' and Princess makes a vocal appearance on the sublime 'Wanna Make Out' that is split into two parts. Also check out 'Time For Action', 'Esta Si, Esta No' and 'Kiss Me'.



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