Thursday, 22 April 2010

LIVE REVIEW: Band Of Skulls @ The Lexington, London 15 July 2009

Originally posted 16 July 2009:

Last night in the intimate Lexington venue I was treated to the audio orgy that is the Band of Skulls.
Judging by the band name and my use of language you may initially think I was invited to attend a heavy metal, nipple pinching, scream inducing sex fest but the truth of the matter was I saw potentially the next big alt rock act to be borne of our shores.
Fleeting effortlessly between each White Stripes/Black Keys/Nirvana/Pixies influenced track, omitting a sound of pure originality, I found myself wanting to jump from my perch and fling myself into the crowd.
Sadly however the desire not to look like a fool won over and I hadn’t had enough of the free whisky by that stage either…There was also a great sense of togetherness within the band and Lead Guitarist Russell Marsden and Bassist Emma Richardson put in a performance reminiscent of Tim Wheeler and Charlotte Hatherley during Ash’s heyday. So with an excellent new single(Fire), American Tour and quality set list I can only see this band’s star continuing to rise.

The Dark Lord Saraon

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