Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Hope you are all well and enjoying the slow build up to the Summer. Why not take a break and listen to (or download) my latest mix?

I decided to do a chill out mix this time as it's coming up to holiday time :)

I wanted to show you that I'm not just about DJing electro. I love all types of music and I think that Vainzine reflects that so I picked some of my favourite tracks that fit the genre and voila.

The mix is a little bit crackly as I'm having some issues with serato but I'm working to get that sorted out and it's still listenable. The crackles actually make it sound like it was recorded on an old phonograph.

DOWNLOAD: May Chill Out Mix mixed by CTZN V41N


1)Soap & Skin 'Brother Of Sleep'

2)Das Volt 'Gestures' (Will Mills Redux Mix)

3)Island Line 'Just Like The Old Days'

4)Digitonal 'Wide Eyed, Wrapped In Love'

5)Caroline Weeks 'The Return'

6)AK-Momo 'Boys & Girls'

7)Massive Attack 'Teardrops' (Mad Professor Remix)

8)Hatchback 'Nesso'

9)St. Vincent 'Save Me From What I Want'

10)Jon Hopkins 'Light Through The Veins'

11)CFCF 'You Hear Colours'

12)Weird Tapes 'TV Romance'

13)Sideshow Feat. Cortney Tidwell 'Televison' (All Night Long Version)

14)Subway 'Testing'

15)La Roux 'In For The Kill - Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix'


DOWNLOAD Previous Mixes:

DJ CTZN V41N April Fairtiliser Mix

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