Sunday, 1 July 2012

INTERVIEW: DJ & Producer Tom Parris talks to Vainzine

Tom Parris began his DJ career on pirate radio in London in 1989 and now has a DJ and production career spanning over 20 years. Head honcho of Silent Disco France, he currently lives in Paris, which is where we caught up with him.

VZ: You are a British expat. How long have you been DJing in France?

TP: I first came over to DJ in France back in 1991.

VZ: You moved from the South of France to Paris. Where has the best best club scene and where do you prefer living & DJing?

TP: The South of France is amazing during the Summer. Basically everyone from Paris goes down there. The winter however is pretty quiet and Paris becomes the place to be. I've DJ'ed at incredible events at both places so it's difficult to say which is the best.

VZ: You also do Production. How long you been doing it and what is your favourite?

TP: For about 14 years. I released my first track in 1992. I think my favourite releases are Mutant Funk (Oblong Records), On The Top (End Recordings) and Nonsuch (Suerto Records).

VZ: Where is your favourite place to DJ in the World and the best party you played at?

TP: Impossible to say. There have been so many great times with so many special friends. I guess the events that stay close to my heart are probably the key first parties I went to back in the late 80's. Acid house and Raves back then were basically life changing experiences, at least they were for me.

VZ: We heard you were getting a records released in Brazil. Hows that going and any plans to DJ over there?

TP: I have just finished a remix and a new 2 track EP for Echo Deluxe Recordings who are based in Brazil. I'm hoping to go over there at some point and help promote the records.

VZ: Whats your favourite Album of all time?

TP: I've got three. 'Off The Wall' by Michael Jackson, 'Vital Idol' by Billy Idol and 'I Feel For You' by Chaka Khan.

VZ: What are your top 5 favourite tunes of all time?

TP: 'Love Will Find A Way' by Victor Romeo, 'Day In The Life' by Todd Terry, 'Ouchi Kochi' by Baby Ford, 'Let The Music Use You' by the Nightwriters and 'Planet Rock' by Africa Bambaata

VZ: Favourite track of 2012?

TP: 'Non Such' by ME!

VZ: Give us the low down on your new business Silent Disco France. What's happening and where can we catch one in Paris?

TP: My new company has taken off really well even though the concept is quite new in France. We have people calling every day asking for info and the system and we have events every week. Check out the website for party information.

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