Saturday, 31 December 2011

FEATURE: Vainzine's Fave 5 Internet Mixtapes of 2011

So it's New Years Eve (at least it is still here in Europe) and I didn't tell you what my persoanl favourite albums of the year were, or what the overall top 5 was based on our contributors choices were. Well don't worry that is coming up in a bit. In the meantime here are my Fave 5 Internet only Mixtapes of the year, in no particular order.

David Lynch & 'Big' Dean Hurley The Stool Pigeon Mixtape This one was a real classic featuring some memorable cuts fro James Blake, The Kills, Elvis, Kitty Davis and Lewis and more. Proper listening music. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

TRAVELS by Tensnake
One of the best from the superb Oki NI series of mixes. A great idea and superbly curated by Pete Hellyer. Anyway this mix is just perfect. The whole ensemble just clikcs a masterpeice of programming and track selection. Tight. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Cloud Nothings "Attack On Memory" Mix
This is a promo mix for the forthcoming album of the same name due 24th Jan. With Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy on there you can't go wrong. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Puro Japazz by Puro Instinct
Puro Instinct had a great year with an awesome LP release 'Headbangers In Ecstasy' and this mix tape really set us off too. Looking forward to hearing more from them in 2012. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Vainzine Minimix by Sonic Emporium
Simon from Sonic Emporium did this one for us a part of his Top 5 album picks. It's short, sweet, and the tightest thing we heard in 2011. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

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