Saturday, 29 October 2011

VIDEO: Episode 2 of Untitled Jersey City Project Review

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Untitled Jersey City Project for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. (1 page)Did you catch Episode 1 of Untitled Jersey City Project? If not then make sure you take a look at it as well as it will shed some light on what I'm talking about here.

Basically to bring you all up to speed with what this is all about, and stay with me folks as this is very exciting stuff, Untitled Jersey City Project is a unique experiment in the development of an entertainment concept: it’s a work-in-progress television drama. As an aspiring screen writer I would love to have been involved in this project. It's fresh raw and dynamic and brings a new level of production quality to Internet TV.

The eight short-form episodes of Untitled Jersey City Project are fragments from a larger story, with many of the story threads left unresolved. But from these eight episodes, this much is clear: The story is set amidst the fast-developing Jersey City waterfront, just across the river from Manhattan. A shining new city is being built on the edge of this gritty town. But while the glass office towers and condos are sleek and new, the rules of the game haven't changed one bit. Everyone here has something to gain -- money, fame, power. Or they can lose big. Or they could end up dead.

Episode 2 begins with Frank and Jane sitting by the waterfront in Franks Audi. She tells him that she will tell him anything he wants to know because she is not what he thinks she is at all. He leans over and the kiss passionately. Jane pulls away and says she is not so sure that it is the most professional thing they could be doing at that moment. Frank smiles then Jane screams as a man with a sledgehammer wearing a suit smashes the car window before we cut to 32 hours earlier.

To find out more you'll have to watch the episode but it is riveting stuff and as soon as this is finished I'm heading straight to the next episode to find out what happens. Check the links below to find out more.

Untitled Jersey City Project

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