Saturday, 29 October 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Tycho 'Dive' out 14 November on Ghostly International

If you like Future Loop Foundation, or you're partial to a sort of chill-wave then Dive is no hard sell. It's simply a sublime set of instrumental tracks that made me yearn to be sitting on a beach watching the sunset - not more so than 'Hours' with a nice cool drink and some well presented, tasty amuse-bouche.

Indeed in a way this album is an amuse-bouche of sorts. It sets the tone and is clearly designed to be listened to before you go out, or at a social gathering of some description where music may not be the main focus of the event but part of a balanced harmony that includes good times, conversation, relaxation and the more than occasional head-nod.

It's not hard to hear why Tycho aka Scott Hansen says that nostalgia is a common thread in his work as I detected a whiff of it whilst listening to 'Daydream', but don't be mislead. This is not retro. It's a thoroughly modern work of art and a perfect accompaniment as the sun sets on another year in paradise.



LISTEN: Tycho - Hours [Dive LP - Nov. 2011] by Tycho

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