Thursday, 27 October 2011

SINGLE REVIEW: Rubylux 'What You Need' out now on BMG

'What You Need' has that tinkling backing reminiscent of Sebastien Tellier's work, coupled with an instrumental swell of Snow Patrol circa 'Eyes Open EP' that kicks in at the chorus. Those two names should tell you everything; this is made for TV music and wouldn't be out of place on 'X Factor'; a hopeful contestant jumping with glee, the realisation of an unrequited romance on 'Greys Anatomy' or countless TV adverts.

With such a strong instrumental the lyrics can feel a little bit lost but are regained with gusto during the breakdowns. Essentially, It's a song that wouldn't have felt out of place when the post Brit pop haze of bands were becoming commercial.


Eriin Dhesi

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