Thursday, 27 October 2011

MUSIC NEWS: Movement Torino Music Festival starts today!

There may still be hope for Europe yet. Hope in the achingly cool form of an electronic music festival of epic proportions between October 27th - 31st. For the sixth year running, the Movement Torino Music Festival in Turin, Italy promises to be an all encompassing electronica experience not only in music, but art as well. It's not too dissimilar from its American counterpart, the cult Detroit Electronic Music Festival; with the European baby having its first festival to celebrate the closing of the 2006 Winter Olympics (they often hold parts of the festival in Olympic arenas) it has eerily taken place the week before Halloween ever since. It's drawn comparisons to the electronic musical hubs of Detroit, Berlin, Amsterdam Ibiza and Tokyo, so it's pretty legit. The line up hail electronic favourites from all over the globe such as Berlin's Steffi, Amsterdam's Shindoe and even Detroit's Lil' Lous, the undisputed Godfather of House music.

It's a vast 5 day event with an array of artists; Thursday 27th starts of with acts such as Ireland's Space Dimensions Controller, it's getting all experimental on Friday 28th at the Conservatory of Tourino, the Circoloco Party on Saturday 29th has given the Ibiza stamp of approval, so it's a sure bet to be good. The hotly anticipated Superga Day on Sunday 30th's featuring Lil' Lous and finally Halloween's Monday 31st closing act of the Movment at the grand Paloulimpco. For more info Click Here.

Eriin Dhesi

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