Thursday, 22 September 2011

STREAM: LEAVING by Gregor Tresher

Gregor aims to make music that ‘makes you dance and cry at the same time’, as he explains:

‘It was a great opportunity to create a mix a bit out-of-the-ordinary exclusively for oki-ni and include some of my all-time favorite tracks from different genres. You can find music by artists like Ruxpin, Aphex Twin, Claro Intelecto and Mathew Jonson but also bands like The Cure and Interpol; both of which I¹ve edited for use in my DJ-sets.

The original release dates of these songs range from 1989 until today, but I never get tired of listening to any single one of them. At the end, I included an edit of a song from my new album since it not only inspired the name of this mix, but I often play it as a last song in my DJ-sets as well.'

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