Wednesday, 28 September 2011

STREAM: ALUNARDIP by Simian Mobile Disco

James Ford and Jas Shaw, collectively known as Simian Mobile Disco, are the musical duo who have kept dancefloors packed and heads nodding since 2005. With a couple of studio albums and a whole bunch of remixes to their name, the pair have shaped the sound of contemporary dance music by prodding at synthesisers and twiddling nobs labelled attack, delay, sustain and release.

In their words, this mix ‘is a venture off the dancefloor, but one that slowly leads you back there, because after all, that's where it all begins and ends for us.’ The result is a mix that starts slow with some 80s minimal electronics, and then peaks in the middle, before fading with that end-of-the-night melancholia, here soundtracked by Vangelis & Robert Wyatt.

Here’s is the duo’s neat summary of their mix:

‘This mix is about space, the sea, the smell of 70s SF paperbacks, and how the future never turns out how it was meant to be.’

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