Sunday, 28 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Blood Orange 'Coastal Grooves' out now on Domino

Forgetting all the why's hows and layers and layers of hype and transgender issues why this project came about is of no interest to me in this instance. Why? Well because the music shines through. The originality and creativity of the songs (see 'Can We Go Inside Now?) surpasses any creative motive or word that can be spoken or written about this project. Rarely does an album come about that you just want to listen to from beginning to end and Devonté Hynes has produced a lot of music (Testicicles, Lightspeed Champion, Basement Jaxx, Florence & The Machine, Theophilus London, Solange Knowles) and I have wanted to do the same with a lot of it too and Blood Orange is no different which is why I'm giving it top marks; JUST LISTEN!



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