Sunday, 28 August 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Agnes Pres. Cavalier 'A Million Horses' out 29 August on Drumpost Community

A deep deep house start on this 19 track artist album. Always a good start to proceedings. Was reminded a little bit of the old Kerri Chandler sound. The track I'm referring to has the strange name of 'Kabardin'. In fact all the tracks have fairly weird names but with the title 'A Million Horses' one can only guess that the songs are named after some of those supposed beasts?

One thing is for certain if you like your beats (that's beats not beasts people) wholesome and intelligent and you like your house intelligent yet minimal then this is for you. 'Uzunylaa' (I told you those names were weird) made me think of an extremely modern white club or gallery space. This is where I would imagine this track being played and it works with it's low key coolness and aesthetic vibe going off in a classy deep into the vibe of house way. Perfect warm up material DeeJays! There is deepness aplenty on this album and I'd make it a must have particularly if you are playing late or ealry on or need a bit of atmosphere to get things going.



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