Thursday, 9 June 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Rayographs 'Rayographs' out now on Desire

Although they remind me of Life Without Buildings and The Pack A.D., Rayographs are totally unique. Their debut album was recorded by legendary underground producer John Hannon at a studio in a farm. And underground this most definitely is, at least the seeds of the underground were most definitely planted in the making of this.

Now this wont appeal to all tastes but there is nothing to be scared of children. Anyone with an ounce of a indie leaning will probably jump for joy after hearing this. The band cite a heady and eclectic mix of sonic, visual, and literary influences that have influenced them and I for one don't disagree in the slightest. These include notably The Pixies, David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, and Eugene O’Neill. Put it this way if you like Anna Calvi then you are going to like this,especially 'November' when the vocalist's (Astrud Steehouder) voice really comes through with all it's raw energy and youthful passion laid bare for us all to hear. It's a stunner and I Love it!


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