Monday, 30 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Tommy Four Seven 'Primate' out now on CLR

This is some darkness right here. If you like dark driving basslines then you will love the extremely evil industrial sounding 'Talus'. Personally I felt as though someone had shut me inside a box in a basement floor of a nightclub. Not pleasant but then this is not really my bag to begin with so you know objectively if that's your thing then you might cream your pants over it. Not me.

There's a lot of pointless noise with nothing interesting going on in 'G'. 'Ratu' is more of the the same monotonous heavy basslines. I can't see the point of this track in a home environ but I would really like to use it in a film, possibly in the scene on the train at night and it might have a power cut just as it enters the tunnel and the murder is about to sneak up on his victim and a struggle ensues. So it inspires imagination which is a massive plus in my book, even if I hate it and it offends all my senses.

And this goes on until track after track the end of the album. There really is nothing here for me to like but you know if you dig the modern experimental techno or you are a Tommy Four Seven fan then whatevs get it.


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