Monday, 30 May 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Mountaineer 'The Real Mcqueen' out now on Leng

I hadn't heard of Mountaineer before. So in case you are in a similar marine type vessel here's a few fun facts; 1.They are a German band. 2.This is their second album. 3.They are on the same label as Idjut Boys and Ray Mang. 4.They don't sound like either of the aforementioned.

This album embodies summer listening. It goes well with a barbecue, a cocktail by the pool, a picnic in the park or a drive with the top down next to the sea. OK so I haven't actually listened to the album whilst doing any of these things. I wonder if my sweltering hot Parisienne apartment counts? There is no stand out track ('Golden Chalk' if you push me) for me. I think it's better to listen to this album as a whole unit and because of the MOR sensibilities nothing really offended or made me want to turn of the stereo. It's all very upbeat, positive summer chill out for vibes for the masses; don't miss it!


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